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Happy & Connected

Customer relationships should be two-way. You should give your clients an expedient, safe location to not only store info but also keep collaborative channels of communication open.

& Email Marketing

Stay connected with your clients all the time with just a few clicks. You can keep an eye on all communication between your staff and your client right from the contact profile. Our calendar allows you to create and organize events with clients and team members.

Use SeQwens to virtually correspond with your clients and/or partners through messages, SMS, email campaigns, forms, and invoices—all in real-time. You can even sync your email account with SeQwens to see all emails sent to your client from your company. Most requests, client portal invitations, and other updates from SeQwens are sent to your customer via email.

Spark conversations with your customers using our messaging interface. Customer communications are automatically tracked within their project to be easily accessible. Moreover, our email marketing provides all the cutting-edge features designed to help you nurture leads and form stronger relationships with your customers.

Here’s how you can improve
your customer experience using SeQwens


With SeQwens, you can give every client access to their own protected client portal account that is personalized to your brand. From the client portal, your client can:
Access Forms
Tax payers will have access to all forms pertaining to their returns once uploaded into their portal. Your clients will no longer have to track you after tax season for a copy of their 1040, Schedules or copies of their W2.
Electronically Sign Documents
In the client portal, you can request your client’s signatures for important documents such as 1040, 8879, due diligence related documents prior to e-filing their returns.
Upload Files
Easily upload and download important tax, income and supporting documents to be accessible by you and your clients.
Seamless Communication
Communication within your tax office can now be easy between you, your tax preparers and your clients. Send and receive messages as they are happening.
Receive Emails
Create and send branded email marketing campaigns for tax season checklist, birthdays, anniversaries, important updates and other marketing and promotions. This will allow you to keep your clients engage and increase retention.
Complete Client Requests
Your clients will have the ability to create tasks, schedule appointments, send you request or complete request made by your tax office.
The client portal reduces the number of back and forth emails and calls you get from your customer as you work on their case. This means you can focus more on your work than managing communications. You can effortlessly collect info from them while always keeping them in the loop.

Every client portal can be fully customized by adding your logo and choosing a color palette. You can also tailor the portal design, background image, and include a welcome message. By modifying the client portal, your tax and accounting business will look sophisticated and proficient.

Customer Engagement

You can keep your clients engaged continuously by managing interactions, running marketing campaigns, and managing activities on various social media platforms right from SeQwens.

There’s no need to schedule an onboarding appointment with every customer, or asking them to drop their documents off at your workplace. You can reach out to them via the client portal.

SeQwens is formed by tax industry professionals to be used by tax industry professionals. Our features are designed with perceptiveness, efficiency, and reliability as the guiding principles. So, it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and exceptionally dependable. You can start solving customer problems right away.

Secure File Sharing

SeQwens document management platform combines cutting-edge OCR technology, 100% secure file sharing, and potent workflow automation solutions to changethe way yourtax business manages correspondence.

According to IRS, often criminals combine sensitive taxpayer information that they steal from several sources and use this info to access the taxpayer’s online account or file a fraudulent tax return.

That’s why data privacy is the biggest worry among taxpayers whether they file taxes with the help of a professional or not. SeQwens keeps you and your clients at ease by providing secure file exchange.

All documents are encrypted with utmost security so you and your customers can safely share files. This is far more secure than having your customer email their sensitive files to you. Moreover, you can control who accesses the documents, adding or removing authorizations at any time.


eSign feature of SeQwens allows you to collect electronic signatures from your customers without scheduling a face-to-face meeting. Whether you work on Microsoft Word, Excel, .CSV or PDF, all these file formats are eligible for eSign.

High-quality Support

Whether you are a solo tax practitioner or a multi-office agency, you require a certain level of support. SeQwens has a dedicated support team to help you each step of the way.

Your SeQwens support team will help you build revenue, upturn productivity, and increase your revenue-generating service offerings.

SeQwens also has a fully integrated billing system that allows you to create and collect payments from your clients. You can effortlessly process payments while benefitting from simple, flat rates for credit and ACH transactions.

Your client will enjoy an easy way to pay their fees as we accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your customers can also pay in-person or through their client portal. You can save time when billing for regular work by routinely charging customersinstead of sending manual payment requests. You and your clients can also save payment particulars for fastbilling in the future.

Ready to Streamline
Your Tax & Accounting Office?

Let SeQwens be your strategic partner and you’ll be ready to drive innovation to your customer base, adding additional revenue to your bottom line and gaining the support you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

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    If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

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